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September 26, 2022
The Complete Process & Frequency of Crawl Space Inspections

When was the last time you scheduled a crawl space inspection for your home? Unfortunately, many homeowners put off this service, or overlook it altogether! However, a full-scale inspection can alert you to needed foundation fixes. Also, an inspector might notice risk factors for that foundation, so you can schedule needed maintenance. Before you put […]

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November 30, 2021
How Long Does it Take to Level a House in Fort Wayne?

Thinking about scheduling a service to level a house in Fort Wayne? It’s not every day that you consider the foundation of your home. You walk on it every day, and without a doubt, it delivers without fail. No one gets out of bed and tiptoes through their house, hoping that a floorboard won’t cave […]

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February 10, 2021
Reasons Why Your Basement Leaks & Gets Wet When it Rains

Are you curious as to why your basement gets wet when it rains? It’s vital that homeowners pinpoint the cause of excess moisture anywhere in the home but especially in its lower level, as basement walls and flooring make up your home’s foundation. Standing water and excess moisture increase the risk of foundation cracks, chips, […]

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