Ensure a Dry Foundation With Crawl Space Encapsulation in Fort Wayne

It’s Time for Crawl Space Encapsulation Fort Wayne

Crawl space encapsulation for Fort Wayne properties is a vital investment and one every property owner should consider! An encapsulation system for a crawl space ensures a clean, dry area while protecting a structure’s underside. Additionally, encapsulation systems allow for storage in the crawl space and easy access to plumbing pipes, wiring, and other fixtures. Above all, encapsulation from the pros here at Fort Wayne Foundation Repair Experts prevents foundation damage!

If you’ve been putting off needed crawl space encapsulation installation, call us today. The sooner you schedule encapsulation, the sooner your property will benefit from a dry, protected crawl space. Also, note that encapsulation or other vapor barrier solutions can increase property benefits. Consequently, you can build equity faster or sell your property for top dollar if you should put it on the market.

So, what are you waiting for? To find out more about crawl space insulation options, give us a call. Our customer service reps are happy to answer your questions and schedule a FREE no-cost consultation. To get your property started on crawl space protection, call us right now.

Materials used for crawl space encapsulation Fort Wayne.
A dehumidifier added to crawl space encapsulation.

What Is A Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation Fort Wayne, IN offers top-notch waterproofing and protection for the space created by pier and beam foundations. A pier and beam foundation lifts a structure off the ground, creating what is called a crawl space underneath. That crawl space often traps moisture and condensation. In turn, the structure’s foundation and underside might suffer wood rot, rust, mold, and other damage.

Encapsulation covers exposed areas of the crawl space, blocking moisture. First, contractors typically clean the area and create a level ground surface. Next, they attach heavy-duty tarps to those piers and beams and the structure’s underside. Consequently, the space stays dry while the tarp provides a clean surface for easy access or storage. This can improve indoor air quality, help you save money, and prevent moisture problems.

If you still have questions about crawl space insulation and other waterproofing options, give us a call. We’re happy to answer your questions and explain encapsulation benefits. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by scheduling your FREE consultation with us today!

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Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation!

Never put off crawl space encapsulation for your property. One reason to schedule this service today is that a dry crawl space means less risk of foundation damage. Two, encapsulation protects plumbing pipes running underneath a structure. Lastly, without encapsulation, your property is at risk for mold, mildew, and water damage.

Additionally, an encapsulation crawl space dehumidifier means less standing moisture in the space. In turn, there is less risk of insect infestation and musty smells inside a structure. Less moisture also means a safer space for storing items in the crawl space. You can also extend the foundation lifespan with full-scale encapsulation and a dehumidifier installation.

If your property has a pier and beam foundation, it’s vital that you schedule encapsulation today. It doesn’t take long for moisture to collect in that space. Additionally, damp crawl spaces are notorious for hosting unwanted pests that can then make their way into your structure. To find out more or to schedule a no-obligation price quote, call us today.

Damp interiors from lack of crawl space encpasulation installation.
Materials used for crawl space encapsulation in Fort Wayne.

Your #1 Choice for Crawl Space Encapsulation in Fort Wayne, Indiana

With so many companies offering Fort Wayne crawl space encapsulation, why call us at Fort Wayne Foundation Repair Experts? One reason we’re #1 in the business is that we have two decades of foundation repair and maintenance experience. Two, we use only the highest-grade materials for encapsulation, vapor barriers, and waterproofing. Above all, we guarantee our encapsulation services to last!

Also, our team takes great pride in our customer service, as well as our crawl space insulation services. We ensure to answer your questions every single step of the way. Our team is also happy to help you understand how to maintain that crawl space over the years. Consequently, you’ll enjoy a clean, dray space and a strong foundation under your structure as well!

With this in mind, why not call us today for your encapsulation installation and price quote? We’ll help you decide the right solution for your property’s space. Our customer service team is ready to get you started on the foundation protection your property needs, so call us right now!



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There is no better investment for your property than expert foundation repair and waterproofing! Our crew provides expert foundation crack and leak repair, underpinning, and leveling. Additionally, our waterproofing services are second to none. Whether you have sagging floors, excess moisture, crawl space mold, or crawl space flooding, our team can help! Call us today to find out more or to schedule your free quote.

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